QUICK QUESTION!!! (roosts/walkway/nesting boxes)

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  1. backwoodbrigade

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    Jun 16, 2011
    I built my nesting boxes 19 in. off the gound. .is this ok?

    Do they need a pirch or walkway to walk on in front of the boxes, or will they jump/fly up into them??

    I think i may build a walkway that goes along the front of the boxes, but it may act as a roost too, so i don't want it directly in front of the boxes, maybe like 6 or 8 inches away, but parallel to the nesting boxes. .is this ok?

    will they be able to jump the 6 in. gap and safely jump the gap into the boxes?

    AND will they jump up onto the railway (19 in) ?? or should i build a little ramp?

    Thanks. .

  2. bryan99705

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    The nest box height is fine, a perch or walkway in front is nice for them to jump up onto rather than having to jump direct into the nest and possibly have it occupied.

    Mine don't roost there because instinct tells them height is their friend and the roost bars are a foot or two higher. Besides if the birds were gonna roost on the walk and it wasn't there, they would roost on the nestbox.

    try your idea and see what happens. Chickens adapt to their enviroment easily

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