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8 Years
Jun 22, 2011
I am ripping out my vegi plants and I am wondering if I can feed the
plants to my chickens they are green bean,tomato and some cucumber plant leaves?
Definite no on the tomato plants, they are from the nightshade family and will poison your chickens.

Not sure about cucumber plants, but my guess is that green bean plants would be okay since they are a legume.
eek! thats why I asked first! thank you both very much:)
I'd rather be safe then sorry so I will avoid the tomato plants.
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I read somewhere that the tomatoe plants are deadly to the chickens. But I just moved and have a huge
oleander bush that shades my chicken run. Does anyone know if they are poisonous to the hens?
Tomatoes are just fine.
I can testify that they can eat the bean plants. Mine ate the plants to the ground & I got no beans this year I wanted to cut their heads off.
these are my 1st chickens so I'm playing it safe, I gave them some really super ripe tomatoes
and some xxl cucumbers they love the seeds but I am tossing the plant material into the compost heap.
I did spead some sugar free peanut butter on a chuck of watermelon and they went crazy over it.

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