Quick questions about my hydrometer.


5 Years
Oct 16, 2014
Hello friends, I am using an exoterra hydrometer and I don't know if its broken or what.I barley have any water in the incubator and its hitting the 80 on this thinkg. Am I reading it right? Im picking up the eggs today and putting them in tomorrow. Fast help please.
I've not come across that type of hygrometer before. Could you do a Google search of the model for some instructions of how to check/calibrate it?

Your environment can also have an affect on incubator humidity. Are you in a humid environment?
Also where your incubator is placed in the home can have an affect.
Well, I went to fleet to pick a new hydrometer and picked up an accurate one. Now it reads 93%....***! Please help as I need these eggs in by tonite.
i'd recommend taking all the water out and dry incubating the first 18 days unless it's extremely dry where you live. that'll give you 18 days to get an accurate calibrated hygrometer for use during lockdown.
just an FYI a hyGrometer measures relative humidity and a hyDrometer measures specific gravity, i'm not sure if you're just mistyping it here or if you have the wrong instrument.
Hygrometers can be easily tested by putting 1/2 cup salt and 1/4 cup water in a dish or jar and mixing it to a slurry.
Put the salt slurry jar and the hygrometer next to each other in a large sealed plastic bag.
After 8-12 hours the hygrometer should read 75%... note any differences and you're set.

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