Quick tip: Adjust nutrition as birds grow

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    Nov 11, 2014
    A: We are often asked when you need to switch feeds. To answer this question, we think about key milestones of raising chickens. Whether you have had a flock for years or are just considering starting one, there are several key milestones to keep in mind as chickens grow. At each milestone, birds may require different nutrition and care.

    Here are a few key milestones to keep in mind:

    Week 1-4: Baby chicks
    • Live in a warm, comfortable brooder
    • Adjust heat as chicks grow
    • Feed a complete starter-grower feed

    Weeks 5-15: The teenage stage
    • Gender becomes distinguishable
    • Transition to the coop
    • Feed a complete starter-grower feed

    Weeks 16-17: Eggticipation
    • Set up nesting boxes
    • Choose a complete layer feed
    • Continue to feed a complete starter-grower feed unless you are getting eggs, then switch to a layer feed

    Week 18: The first egg
    • Chickens are now adults
    • Transition to a complete layer feed
    • Begin offering treats and snacks

    Month 18: First molt
    • Hens take a break from egg laying to lose and regrow feathers
    • Transition to a high-protein feed (Purina[​IMG] Flock Raiser[​IMG]) during the molt period, then back to a layer feed when eggs reappear


    Learn more by watching the video below:
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