QUICK,whats wrong with this one?

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    I have 1 chick that will not eat or drink. it just sits & wobbles now its starting to lay around on the litter. it is 1 day old(they came in at 10:00 easter night) it is the day after now.. All the others are running around , eating & drinking. should I eye dropper some water? or wet food? ., I see now this little one WILL die soon if I don't do something.
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    Try dipping some water with vitamins along it's beak. If it will take that then you can try to intice it to eat with some moist food, yogurt, mashed egg yolk, oatmeal. It might be from the stress of shipping. Dehydration is the thing you need most to worry about.
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    I dipped all the beaks(well my wife did) & this one just has not caught on I will try to get some food down it & some water be back in a bit. hope its not a desease
    IT DIED I thought it was a gonner when I posted [​IMG]
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