Quiet breeds?

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    I'm wondering, are there any really quiet breeds of chickens that don't get too big that could be in the house in a cage? Any with quiet roos would be great, but I could live without a roo.

    ETA: if they're too smelly for this, then let me know, I'm just not very educated on chickens. [​IMG] I'd just want one or two gals.
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    Silkies! But most hens are quiet and all roosters will crow. They do have a smell so you have to keep the cage clean. They do sale chicken diapers if you want to let them run around. Sorry but you can't litter train a bird.
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    Brahma, Cochin Bantams
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    I've known people who had litter trained chickens, and it is not at all uncommon to train parrots. As for the chickens, I've never been able to train mine, but diapers work amazingly!

    The better quality the diet, the better it is digested and the less smell and mess (same as using premium cat & dog foods).

    Inside birds I know of include silkies, seramas, a buttercup, araucanas,d'uccles and even plymouth rocks. Depending on the space, other animals and how your house is arranged you'll probably want to cage them some or much of the time. If they only get caged for short periods, the cage can be relatively small. But if they spend much time in it at all, the bigger the better.
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    I am getting a pair of seramas they are the smallest chickens in the world I am very excited I will keep you up dated

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    Apr 21, 2012
    I just found your post, and the wonderful replies you recieved..

    I was wondering which breed of chickens you decided to go with, and how it is working out?

    I have 3 bantams, about 3 weeks old, unsexed... so my odds are 50/50 getting my 3 little girls... I have just started think in terms to indoor housing....

    Thank you for your time!

    Tonya "Innerharmoni"

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