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These are all plus shipping. I will charge actual shipping. Your choice of Priority or Media which is considerably less. Or I will figure the best price. Sometimes flat rate priority is your best deal.
PM or post your choices. First come first served. I take PayPal and Postal Money Orders


1) Geometric Patchwork Patterns $3 Sold
2) Pairing Up-2 Block Quilts- $5 (I paid $24.95) Sold
3) Quilts for Mantels & More - $5 (I paid $13.95) Sold
4) Through the Garden Gate - $5 (I paid $27.95) SOLD
5) Watercolor Quilts- $5 (I paid $24.95)
6) All the Blocks are geese SOLD


1) Casting Shadows -$5 (I paid $26.95) sold
2) Impressionists Quilts -$5 (I paid $24.95)
3) 15 Two-Block Quilts -$5 (I paid $26.95) Sold
4) Everything Flowers - $5 (I paid $21.95)

I put the amount I paid for some of the books so you know my asking price is more than fair. Some of the books are just gorgeous to look through like a picture book as well as give you ideas and inspire you.
Sara, it depends on the book. Some are leaflets and some are heavy. Let me know which you want and I will weigh them.
Terrie, which books are left? Looks like only the "geese" have flown the coop?
How much would shipping be for all of them to 32180

(yup, I'm a quilting hoarder

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