quit going to coop to roost

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    Apr 22, 2016
    I have a light brown leghorn that quit roosting in the coop about a week ago. I havent been able to find her to move her where she needs to be. Now tonight my austra white and white plymouth rock are with her instead of the coop. They were calling out to me when I was calling them so I am hoping they will go in themselves because even with them calling me I couldn't find them. If they make it through the night what do I need to do to retrain them? This has been a bad day for us. I have spent hours th is evening trying to catch a 2 week old keet that got loose.
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    You will need to keep them penned up for a week or two to retrain them. Chickens don't leave a good comfortable safe coop, so you will need to find out why they don't want to use the coop. Is it too crowded, too hot, too stuffy, too small, is there mice or rats, not enough comfortable roosts? Just a few things to check out.
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