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I have an easter-egger that is almost one year old. She has been laying eggs but has not laid one for about three weeks. I have felt her abdominal area and she does't appear to be egg-bound. She has not changed in any fashion or manner except for not laying eggs. Any suggestion as to how I might be able to get her laying again?
It's winter, time to take a break! She may start molting...mine stopped laying in late November, then started molting in December. They have just started laying again in the last week. Yay! I don't know that there is anything you can do to make her lay, except maybe keep her coop lighted for longer than natural daylight.
I didn't think about her molting because all the other hens molted at the end of fall. I guess she is a little behind, but she did lay an egg today! I'm just glad nothing is wrong with her.
yep, i had the same exact question about 4 and 1/2 months ago. my Cuckoo Marans girl (who will be a year old on April 12th), stopped laying back in October and JUST picked back up a couple weeks ago! she took about 4 months off!!! but i love her so much, i would keep her if she never laid another egg again. but my other 3 chickens that are her age only took about 3 weeks off when they moulted. also, i thought a moult would look pretty pathetic, but i learned that some girls don't shed much feathers and can sometimes look no different during a moult. i DID find some of her feathers laying around, but they were few and far between. when my EE's moulted, i could tell, but it still didn't look as bad as some moulting pictures i've seen online. give her some time, hopefully she won't take as long as my girl!
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