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Apr 9, 2010
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*anybody humming Britney now?*

My little 2 week-old LB chick has been "dying" twice already! First her leg got hurt really badly-- looked like one of the hens or other chicks plucked out all of her thigh fuzz. She could barely walk, and looked like she was fading fast. I prepared my little girls for her imminent burial.

The next day I wake up expecting to collect the dead chick, and I see her frolicking happily after her mama in the back yard! Limping a little, but otherwise fine! The funeral is canceled, and the girls are ecstatic.

Fast forward to yesterday. I wake up and see only 8 chicks following mama around the yard. The same little chick is sitting is still in the nest, looking really bad. She can barely walk and she keeps closing her eyes. Not a mark on her, but she's obviously dying. Since she can't walk I wrap her up and carry her around for a while, wanting her to at least be snuggled while she prepares for the big coop in the sky. She won't drink, she won't eat-- but she eventually starts peeping so loudly that I decide she'd rather spend her final hours outside with her family. I put her in the yard and she leans over on one wing to rest. I again prepare my little girls. This time she really is going to die, I'm very sorry. I know that last time she pulled out of it, but she can't even stand anymore. Where do you think we should bury her?

The rest of the day she looks like she is slowly fading away. At the end of the day I have to pick her up and put her under her mama because she can't walk and won't even open her eyes. I woke up this morning SURE she was dead, but when I look out the window I count ALL 9 chicks happily bounding after mama!
She's eating and drinking and running around like nothing happened!

Seriously?!? All I can say is after all the drama this little thing has caused... she better be a SHE!


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Aug 10, 2009
I had one little golden polish chick in my order this spring, and I lost 4 others from stress of shipping I think. I was sure she was going to die. Wouldn't stand, drink or eat and her eyes were closed all the time, I thought she was a goner, but next morning she's up, running around, eating etc. Go Figure right??????


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Apr 29, 2010
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Rachel'sFlock :

Oh macmama, I know that had to be so hard on you lot, but I really loved that story!
So happy The Invincible Chick remains invincible (*knocks wood*)!

Bright Blessings


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