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I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, but yes, you can incubate and hatch in the RComs. I have an RCom Suro, currently incubating 18 duck eggs on Day 8. I plan on taking it out of the turner and replacing the rails with an egg carton for lockdown, and letting the ducklings hatch in the same machine.
Thanks for answering my qeustion.
My question was: can you incubate and hatch in the R-com bators
I also have the King Suro 20. I love it. I tried hatching 14 bantam chicks in it and that was too many - had to snach some out, so couldn't maintain lockdown. It reaches temp and humidity again very quickly, but the last 2 eggs were late and 'shrink wrapped'. Maybe due to loss of CO2?? I will not try to hatch more than 8 to 10 in it again - will move them to a hatcher at lockdown if I have more than that. I got the K-Suro 20 because it cost half as much as the R-com AND comes with the automatic pump. Literally plug it in and sit back until day 18, then increase humidity. I openened it twice, day 10 to candle, day 18 to candle before lockdown.

[http://www.jmtdistributors.com/rcom-suro-20-n20.html][/url] Good luck and happy hatching!
I have the r-com king suro 20. I LOVE it. This is my first time setting eggs, but it's super easy and rock solid on temps and humidity. You can incubate and hatch in it. LOVE it!

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