11 Years
May 28, 2009
South Central, PA
Went out this morning to find our RIR had passed. She was 8yrs old and the first chicken we had. She came from Murry McMurry's with a group of 25 to my aunt's farm. We were given 4 when they are 4 months old. A week later, A fox massacred the ones at my aunts house, leaving our 4 left. She survived a dog attack, multiple new chickens, some feisty roosters, and the move to the big new coop.

the first day we got her

She is survived by her daughter, 3 grand daughters, and a grandson.

(order from right to left)

She layed her last egg for us last night, and we went out to find our broody has taken to sitting on it. We will hatch her last with hopes that we can get a new grandbaby to carry on her memory.
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