R.I.P. Elliot!


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
I lost my baby this morning

Little baby Elliot... we rescued him from a family that took him from his mother too soon, and threw him outside once they got home. He was my first kitten... grew up into the most handsome kitty I've seen. He was so loving and sweet... I always loved to come in the house, and listen to him try to meow (he never could). He would follow you around the house, lay in your lap, make you trip over him, and loved to play. Always wanted to sleep with us, but always asked to be let out at 2 in the morning. He is gonna leave a huge hole in this house, and in our hearts. I can't believe he's gone, right before graduation.

I'm gonna miss you sooo much little boy. I'd do anything to have you back. I wouldn't even call you names or make fun of you for not being able to meow.

I just took your picture last night. I guess you taught me to cherish each moment like it's your last... I wish I had.


These small creatures leave such big holes in our hearts when they are no longer with us -- I've felt that keen loss many times, and although it never gets easy, I try to take solace in knowing that as long as their life was intertwined with mine, they were well cared for, and knew without doubt they were loved. Elliot was a beautiful fellow; I hope the day comes, as time passes, the grief you feel now gives way to your being able to enjoy cherished memories with a smile.
Thanks everyone. Your being here means a lot to me. I think we're going to bury him by the rose bush... when dad wakes up.

crtrlovr, I know what you mean. You never realize how much you love 'em until there gone.

They are constantly teaching us lessons, even when we don't listen... It's just the whole second thoughts and wishes right now. You look back, and you wished you spent a moment longer playing. You wish you let them sleep with you that night. You wish you had rubbed them a moment longer. I wish it was smiles a lot sooner.

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