R.I.P Olive, my Favorite barred rock.


Can't stick with a Title
10 Years
Jul 5, 2009
Well, I came home today and let my dogs in. Buddy, my dachshund, had feathers in his mouth. I walked outside, and Olive was on the Ground, not moving. She had escaped the coop, and Buddy had taken a big chunk out of her back. She was still alive, and my Dad had to kill her. So sad, and I cant blame the dog, because thats his job, to hunt.
She was the firsy chicken I ever had, and was always my favorite. She will be missed.
I'm so sorry, I love my Barred Rocks, they are my faves (don' tell the rest of my chickens). rest in peace Olive, I'm sure that she had a good life.
Sorry about Olive
My Doxie is so afraid of my chickens that he will barely go outside until after dusk! My roosters have nailed him so many times, he wouldn't dare mess with any chicken at this point.

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