R I Reds, Eggs and week old chickens available

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Louisville Ky
    have incubator full of eggs, have 150-200 week old RI Reds chicks ready to go.

    have about 150 older chicks 1 to 1-1/2 month old (to lg. to ship)

    gather 25 eggs a day and keep in a cool place, rotate daily

    asking $ .85 per egg. S & H about $15.00

    selling week old chicks for $2.50 ea. straight run.

    buy 100 for $2.00 ea. thats the size shipping boxes i've ordered.

    i have nice quality RIR's, healthy, and laying eggs good in KY's cold weather

    this is a hobby, not for profit, i'm sure you know if you have chickens........

    if your interested in the older birds, contact me.

    roger 502-807-9605 Louisville KY
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