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    Apr 11, 2011
    I have several questions about two different adult rabbits and one baby. So sorry if they're long.

    Situation #1
    Belldandy is a 3 year old mini lop, since we had the stray rabbit problem I have kept Belldandy and Opal (her 10 1/2 week old doe baby) in lock down since I first spotted the strays. Belldandy and Opal had run access and Opal on several occassions squeezed out of the run, at which point I took run privilages away from both rabbits. Today I noticed that Opal was making a nest, she made a round hole and had hay packed in her mouth moving it around. Then I noticed when she went back for more Belldandy got in the nest to "try" it out, then she took the hay from Opal and placed it in the nest.

    It was almost like Belldandy was teaching Opal how to build a nest. I checked both rabbits and can't tell if they're pregnant, I'm guilty of giving lots of treats and with them being outside they've plumped up. This week between now and Friday would be delivery day depending on how long the strays had been hanging around prior to me noticing them.

    So my question is, is it even possible for a 10 week old bunny to be pregnant?
    Is it normal for a rabbit to show another rabbit how to build a nest?

    Situation #2
    I have one of the female strays in a different cage, she has injured her back. Because she was out and about with the males I put her in lock down to make sure she isn't pregnant as well. She went from not moving her hind quarter to moving it but slowly, she hasn't started any of the signs of pregnancy is eating and drinking and doesn't appear to be in pain. Should I just make nest for her since she seems to be having some trouble moving around. Also if she does deliver could I put her babies in with another rabbit with a similar due date or try feeding them myself?
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    Quote:Answer to Number 1:

    Belldandy might just be interested in the nest because it's something to do, and it's interesting. Or, she might be having a false pregnancy. As long as you're sure there's no way she could have gotten to a male rabbit.

    As far as a 10.5 week old doe getting pregnant, it's entirely possible. Especially since you admit that you feed them very well. It's like any girl, she will mature faster with more meat on her bones than her physically fit counter parts. Rabbits are induced ovulators meaning that with enough attempts a male rabbit can eventually make her "hike up". The sexual stimulation will cause her to release ova.

    Answer to Number 2:

    Sounds like she might have slipped a disc, or pinched her nerves in her back. If she was out with the males, she's probably pregnant. If you do think she's pregnant then by all means make her a nest and place her in it. Now, as far as fostering goes, rabbits will readily accept other kits. In my 10 years of breeding I've never had an issue where I couldn't foster.

    Here is an excellent video on palpation:

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    Apr 11, 2011
    I did notice when I went out there that they had destroyed their little nest. I did get some pics because I thought it was so cute.

    Well the last time Belldandy had babies they bred through a cage [​IMG] I don't know how long those strays were hanging around with out me knowing. I'm thinking that Charlie (our first found stray) was part of the same litter as the strays I currently have. I'll keep an eye on them.

    Should I seperate Opal and Belldandy? Would there be an issue with them if they're still in the same cage?

    With my 2nd rabbit Chickie should I do anything extra to help her get better?

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