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8 Years
Apr 9, 2011
Northern Idaho
I adopted these two bucks from the local fair because the petting zoo left them.
They were free, but when no one took them, i guess they thought they weren't worth taking home.
I just wondered what breed of rabbit they were. They aren't Rexes, because I've had them before and know what their fur feels like. They feel just like my Mini Lops, and are just about the size of them. I know they aren't babies either. Any help?



Mister Darcy
I agree, mixes. Vlad's short, thick ears, and the wide V-shaped way he carries them, kinda hint that there might be some Holland Lop in the background (but not as close as one parent being pure Holland). I can think of a couple of other breeds that might be responsible for those ears, too - Havana being one. Darcy's face looks rather Mini Rex, though as you said, his fur is not Rex fur.

These guys are some lucky bunnies to have found you. Rehoming adult rabbits is a near impossibility; it seems that the people looking for a pet almost always want a baby. Good luck with them!
Thanks! I was just wondering! I was just going to take them and maybe rehome them, but they are such sweet boys that I want to keep them now! As if i need more animals.

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