Rabbit housing questions! Please help.


8 Years
Jul 16, 2011
I volunteer at the local animal shelter and today there was a bunny in there. Our animal shelter is not usually associated with anything but cats and dogs so it's having a hard time going. I want to take it home. The shelter said it was free to a good home and they will even give me a large cage, food, water bottle, hay, and a rabbit-sized salt block. But before I left with it they told me it was an inside bunny. I know I might sound foolish but does that mean inside the house or inside a garage?
I CAN NOT keep the bunny inside but my garage is insulated and doesn't ever drop below freezing. If I brought the bunny home and I move it out into the garage will it be ok? My friends who have bunnies say it will. If I have to put a heating lap over it I will, or blankets, etc. What should I do? What is your advice? Everything helps! I really want to give this bunny a good life!

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