rabbit hunters

if it flies it dies.. i cant hit rabbits.. ive been hunting for 23 years now.. I have yet to bag a rabbit. Granted i only see maybe 2 a year.
My Dad has always told me you have to chase them up a hill and they're easier to shoot? I personally find it easier to just raise them in a cage then eat them >_> but that's not as sporting lol
I have a ton of luck kicking brush piles along the rail road tracks. I hunt mainly in southern WI. Actually my lab does the kickin'. Pheasant season end right around the the time bunnies are runnin'. I have hunted snow shoes up in the northern woods with limited success also.
BIG TIME rabbit hunter here.....we are in Ga and we use a pack of beagles to run them. We currently have 12 running dogs and 2 "in training". 2 puppies just born.

We are a little more into the "race" as opposed to just the killin'

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