rabbit pellets instead of greens?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by johnskoi, Dec 9, 2013.

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    my 3 sebies have degreened their area of the yard months ago ... every now and then i'll let them wander in 'greener pastures' .... in addition to their waterfowl maintenance and second cut hay (always on hand),, they pick at dry catfood, fresh bread, millet and scratch (they share their daytime quarters with 9 cats over 100 silkies)....

    they get fresh greens (romaine lettuce) 2-3 times a week .... i know they want more and my gut tells me they NEED more ..

    --- has anybody tried rabbit pellets as an easy source adding something green?

    ---- any thoughts on pros and cons?

    tia, john
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    Mar 26, 2011
    Upper Peninsula Michigan
    You can use alfalfa cubes, soak them in warm water until they expand
  3. johnskoi

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    cool! [​IMG] i'll pick some up later... probably the rabbit pellets as well --- i'll repost how it goes....

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