Rabbit pen size

15 Feet long x almost 5 feet wide X-pen

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7 Years
Jan 21, 2016
I am planning on getting 2-3 female (spayed) rabbits in the near feature, and was questioning the size of the X-pen I will need. They will all be under 8 pounds, I'm sure of that, and will get plenty of free time, the only time they will be in the pen is when I'm not around. The area I will put them in is 15 feet by almost 5 feet. Is this large enough or to small?
Thanks in advance.
Much will depend on how they get along. Some get along well and others well....they can be naughty. :rolleyes:
Personally I would give them at least 8 sq.ft per bun with a couple of areas where they can hide if they want (boxes etc.)
You will know better when you can see them interact with each other. As long as they get plenty of exercise they should do just fine :)
I don't have any experiences with an X-pen set up (indoors right?) because mine live outside, but I think that as long as they get enough exercise, that should be big enough. Mine live in a hutch, I don't know quite the size, most of the time and I provide them a pen set up in our grass for them to get exercise in daily. Sometimes not as much in the summer time when it's just so dang hot here. Sometimes I'll let them roam our living room that has little to no wires because they're good at holding it. ;) But mine do fine and are very healthy and happy in the set up I have.

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