rabbit question


11 Years
Dec 10, 2008
Ok I have what I think is 2 male rabbits housed together I am now noticing that one of the rabbits is mounting the other is it possible that I have a male and a female or could my rabbits be gay?
Do you know how to sex them properly? If not, get someone who does--it si possible yoiu might have a female. And it's NOT a gay thing. it's a domination thing. If they are both males--fighting will start soon. Males should have there own separate quarters.
lol...no such thing ad "gay" animals but they do tend to mount each other at times. I have a pen of all females and have seen it too. If you do have 2 males housed together you may want to seperate them though...males are aggressive & dominant where they will end up fighting each other and it could get ugly.
Actually, there is such a thing as gay animals.

But with male rabbits, it's usually a matter of dominance. They do need their own quarters ASAP.

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