Rabbit Stew with cognac sauce, also Lapin ala Vanille

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    I'm posting another rabbit recipe I was taught while in chef school. Chef Herve is the spitting image of a dashing French Chef, amazing man.
    This recipe is not for the squeamish, if you do not process your own poultry I would advise you skip reading this recipe.

    Courtesy of my French Regional instructor - Executive Chef Herve LeBiavant, CCA)

    (for these recipes you may substitute a whole cut up fryer chicken - the lapin ala vanille is awesome !!)

    Kill rabbit w/baseball bat. Holding legs cut fur around legs and pull skin
    down to head, cut hair around muzzle and front legs-finish pulling off skin.
    (To save skin scrape skin and rub w/rock salt, repeat weekly for 3 wks., then
    rinse in a liquid tannin solution and dry).When killing or checking rabbit
    open liver and look for white spots- if found don't eat animal. When cleaning
    hold by upper body and split carcass from top of chest to bottom of stomach,
    leave in liver & kidney, remove intestines & stomach & lings.

    Rabbit Stew: remove flanks, chop off hind & front legs, chop carcass into
    3-4 pieces (for wild rabbit marinate overnight or use cooked marinade).

    Rabbit w/mustard sauce:
    1 jar dijon mustard (per rabbit)
    1 cup vermouth
    white stock

    Dip and cover rabbit w/mustard, then coat w/flour and sautee in clarified butter, then using same pan sautee mirepoix (3 mushroom, 3 onion, 2 leek,
    2 carrot) in clarified butter w/bay leaf & thyme, season s&p, then flambee
    w/1 cup vermouth. Then add mirepoix mixture to a roasting pot, cover that
    with rabbit pieces, mouillier w/white stock and cream. Cover and cook @
    375 deg. for 60 minutes, add livers and cook another 10 minutes. Take bot-
    tom of pan and juices and blener to make sauce, add to pan, simmer and
    add mustard, season s&p to finish (need a little brandy ?). Serve w/ pasta
    (or rice pilaf) and carrots.

    Cognac Sauce:
    chopped shallots
    sliced mushrooms

    Sweat shallots in raw butter, then add sliced mushrooms and sautee until
    golden. Flambee w/cognac, add demi-glace, simer 10-15 minutes. Liasion
    w/cornstarch, strain, perfume w/cognac or brandy. Monteber w/butter.

    Lapin ala Vanille:
    1 rabbit
    mirepoix (4 o-3m-2 ce & le-1 ca)
    white stock & cream

    Chop rabbit in 8 pieces (4 legs, 4 body) (if rabbit is tough marinate overnight). Season s&p, farinet rabbit pieces, sear rabbit in vanilla oil
    (use twice as much oil as normal-watch heat-remember vanilla seeds
    can burn). Remove rabbit from pan, sautee mirepoix, season s&p, flambee
    w/vermouth, add rabbits on tope of mirepoix-mouiller w/50-50 cream/stock.
    Cover, cook @ 375 deg. 1 hr. remove meat from oven, cover w/foil, blender
    mirepoix/juice into sauce, simmer correct season s&p, perfume w/sauterne
    or lt. harvest reisling.

    1 gal. canola or salad oil (flat,flavorless oil)
    34 vanilla beans (split beans & scrape seeds into oil)

    Simmer oil then just keep on warm stove (over pilot light) for 5-6 hours.
    Store @ room temperature for at least 2 wks. before using. Every day rotate or
    shake bottle to distrubute beans/seeds in the oil. Oil is excellent w/fish, veal,
    pork, or poultry. Not suited to red meats.

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