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May 28, 2008
la la land
i was thinking about raising meat rabbits but there is a few things i need to know first

one day my hunny went on a job in the middle of the night in the dead heat of summer
he ran over a killed a rabbit and called me and asked if i wanted to try to cook it cause we heard they were good to eat
i said sure
he brought it home and cleaned it up and put it in the fridge
but the next day at work some one told him it would not be good to eat it because it was not the season for it. and it would be full of worms
he said we need to wait till the winter and kill one for cooking

my question is

is this true
i thought you could kill them and eat them anytime but i'm not experenced in this area
I've always heard the same thing about wild rabbits, but meat rabbits raised off the ground in a wire cage are something different altogether
What Boyd said:
you can definaely eat rabbit you have raised all year round.
this is one reason I do not advocate raising rabbits in a colony situation.
parasites are rampant in hot weather.

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