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  1. They're sooo cute!

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  2. They're friendly!

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  3. They're entertaining!

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  4. They've cast me under their fluffy spell!

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  1. Np! Send me some pics of the kits! I know the will be super cute :3.
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    I will post after birth :)
  3. I picked up two dutch rabbits that were supposedly "Super sweet!" but ended up being little devil bunnies. I'm pretty sure it's just hormones because they are teens. Anna runs around the cage stomping her feet when I enter her room. I think she is just displeased with me being there and kindly saying "please go away. I don't want your attention right now" but I am trying to get her used to my attention because she stomps all the time. So where am trying to almost force hold her. Elsa mainly just hides or sits there like a potatoes. I think she just needs reassurance that I am not a predator and won't hurt her. It is the same thing I did with Lavender (Who may I add used to jump out of arms, bite, Totally shread you with her claws, ext ext) Now she I data an angel bunny. So I'm hoping it works the same. When all my rabbit does become a teen they usually act like little demon bunnies but with a LOT of handling, patents, and persistence I should be able to break both of them. Any tips? Wish me luck!
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    My name's Anna
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    This reminds me of when my rabbit had babies. She ran freely. Because she kept escaping from her outdoor pen. She socialized with our male rabbit that had also escaped. She gave birth behind our chicken laying boxes. We waited till they had a thin layer of fur then I carried them in. There are 5 babies who are adorable. Their mother is back outside and they are healthy, active little bunnies. We think the mom is pregnant again. I cross my fingers while my dad is hoping she isn't. I have been finding blood residue from her urine. My dad thinks she's having more babies but I think she's just going into heat. But just to make sure I check around the coop.
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    Rabbits stomp their feet to warn off rival bunnies. My rabbit does this to me. She is pretty much telling you "Don't come any closer! Back off!" If you get closer they will bound away.
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  9. Cool :) . I renamed them To Oreo and Cookie. I still like Cream instead of Cookie though..


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