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Oct 30, 2013
A little bit of background: We've had our coop and 9 chickens (2 roos, 7 hens) for just over a year without any problems. About a month ago now we had a raccoon attack and kill 1 rooster and my 2 most prolific layers. We've revamped our coop with beefed up security and no problems since--however, we've not had any eggs since either. I know it's molting season but don't know if they're not laying due to trauma or molting or a combination. I'm still new at all of this so any wisdom from you more experienced folks would be helpful.
R.I.P. "Romeo", "Henrietta" and "Rockie"
Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement. We're looking for a "guard dog" now for yard duty at night. Sure hated losing them, especially that way.
Yeah, it's tough losing them that way. How long ago did it happen? You are right that the decrease in production could have been from the attack, molt, or both. I have 17 hens of laying age right now, and am getting 1-2 eggs a day. But those hens are 2 1/2, so they are slowing down. Some of them are definitely in a hard molt. Poor scraggly looking things! Nicely feathered and laying one week, nearly bald the next.
My hens are just about 14months old now, so they really were just coming into their own at the time of the attack which was about a month ago now. They seem happy, they're well taken care of and healthy so I can't see any other reasons that they not be laying. Just have to wait it out I guess.
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This past Monday , October 6th,2014 I had one of my chickens killed and devoured by 2 raccoons! She was the best layer , a white rock. They were foolish enough to hang around on the coop roof waiting for their next meal! Got them both with a 22! They would have come back if I shooed them away and got more of my chickens. Have 7 left now and hopefully will start relaxing as they were terrified from the event! Am going to put cover over their run which hopefully will help. First time this has happened and hopefully the last! Rest in peace Sophy!
I have been having great success with the cat/dog proof coon traps. They work very well and there is virtually no danger of catching a different non-target species. A neighbor has caught 17 coons with just one trap this summer/fall. I've gotten 6.

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