Raccoon attacked my chickens, need help.

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  1. Kgoralsky

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    Nov 8, 2012
    Last night a raccoon killed 2 bunnies and I hen. My daughters rooster somehow survived but is in bad shape. When I picked him up this morning he has a bite mark on th back of his neck and was bleeding somewhere around his chest area. Since then the bleeding has stopped but he just sits in one place and does not move (won't eat or drink). One eye is okay but the other is bloodshot (looks like he was thrashed into the ground on that side of his face). He is about 3 months old and he also can't close his beak. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My girls are devastated so we are really pulling for this one.
  2. tomhoogstra

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    May 10, 2012
    Sorry about your losses.

    What i would think is that the rooster is in shock, perhaps separate him from the rest and sit him in a dog cage or another enclosed area until hes back to shape.
  3. horsehauler

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    Nov 6, 2010
    Iwould agree the roo is in shock, What a shame we had a similar incident last year when a raccoon killed four of six girls in our flock, a horrible event. Thoroughly clean the area / coop out of all bedding. The roo, if he survives, will not likely want to return to the coop if that is where the attack took place, it will need to be clean and fresh. I had a terrible time getting my surviving girls back in the coop after their experience last year until everything was cleaned out and refreshed, one actually disappeared for two days and I thought she had been carried off, apparently she found a safe place to hide and recover a bit before coming home. Also, watch him closely, since he may have been bitten by a rabid coon.

    Good Luck with the recovery!

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