Raccoon got one of my babies :(


9 Years
Apr 24, 2010
It was a sad day yesterday. I lost my first goose ever to a predator. A raccoon got into the night enclosure and killed my runt gosling. We had one in there a couple weeks ago and was in there when I went out to feed. My husband "disposed" of it and I thought that was it but obviously there are others. Little Ethel was 6 weeks old but smaller than the rest of that batch. I took the other four back inside the garage again last night and am setting a raccoon trap tonight because I see telltale signs this morning another one was back in there last night. Just goes to show you can never get too comfortable with protecting them from predators because we have always had raccoons around here but in 3 years I have never lost a goose. It is very sad to lose a gosling in that way because they all become a part of the family and have their individual personalities. It broke my heart to find her laying there
So very sorry to hear that happened.
What a traumatizing experience to deal with when you think things are safe....

We use 1x1 wire and have it clad like fort knox but still don't trust it. I put a baby monitor wireless camera out facing the goose barn and inside the chicken coop - it has 2 channels and I can hear if something is disturbing them and check it out. It's really handy if you want to listen and keep a close eye.
Time to enclose on all 6 sides and use real wire, not chicken wire. Try to figure out the entry point too, that helps fight them. An couple strand electric fence perimeter surrounding the pen and coop area makes a great obstacle if it's stand alone, coons will either walk into it or try to squeeze by it and either way they are repelled.

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