Raccoon or Cat???.. or something else...


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Jan 27, 2012
I'm looking for a bit of input... I've read a few posts regarding predators.

This morning my daughter's red silkie went missing.. my husband and I were hoping that maybe it had escaped our fenced yard (6ft privacy fence) and we would find it outside.. after checking the yard and realizing there wasn't any place for her to squeeze through..We've come to except that something snatched her up. We were going back and forth on what it would be.. my husband believes it was a cat, I believe it was a raccoon. Regardless though it scared our other 4 large chickens and silkie into a corner.

Now I may have to believe my husband is correct with it being a cat.. because whatever it was picked the silkie that has the best health.. and after reading posts that a lot of cats aren't really the "hunters" but more the "stalkers".. I guess I am utterly confused.. I have big dogs so I can't see a cat wanting to come in the yard smelling them around. Any help would be great and appreciated..

Sorry for the rambling, I'm just really sick over this and my daughter is torn since she wanted to show this one in 4H next year (it was her pet)..
A cat, unless you are talking big, wild cat...would not pick up a chicken and leave with it. Neither would a raccoon. Sounds more like a large hawk or fox....
I just reread your post...a fox couldn't get over a 6 ft privacy fence and back again with a chicken in its mouth...I say large bird of prey.
I agree, sounds like a hawk. I assume the area doesn't have a covered top?

I know some people have had cats attack chickens, but with all the strays in my neighborhood I've never lost one to a cat. My chickens are more likely to eat the cat. :p Then again I don't have silkies. My hawk attacks on small chickens were just 'missing chicken', no signs left. (larger chickens would leave a big exploded mess from the dive bomb).
Predator Identification :
One Bird Missing

Clues: Likely Time: Predator:
Ranged bird missing, feathers Dusk or Dawn Fox
scattered or no clues

A few scattered feathers or Dusk or Dawn Hawk
no clues

Fence or building torn into,
feathers scattered Anytime Dog

Ranged bird missing, feathers
scattered or no clues Dusk or Dawn Cougar,

Mountain Lion,
Panther (Rare)

A few feathers scattered or no
clues Night Owl

Small bird missing, lingering
musky odor Night Mink

Small bird missing, wings and
feathers remain Night Domestic Cat

Ranged bird missing, no clues Night Bobcat (Rare)

Sorry if it got all scrambled I can help you if you don't understand :)
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It got scarmbled!! Man I hate it when I spend all my time making a chart and it get's scrambled!! Guess I learned my lesson

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