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    Aug 12, 2011
    Baldwinsville, NY
    Will a raccoon climb a chicken coop with straight wall to get chickens when it's about 10 degrees F out and 18" of snow. Or do they sleep in their dens? I just took part of my electric netting down and don't want them to get my chickens. My vents have hardware cloth around them, but where the rafters meet the top of the wall has a gap.

  2. I really don't think they will spend that much effort in 10 degrees F to get a couple of hens. It sounds like your coop is more raccoon proof than mine, and we live in the country and haven't had any problems with raccoons yet.
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    Low temperatures and snow will find them denned up in a torpid state, but count on one thing - the first warm, rainy, foggy night they will be out and about.
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    I disagree about raccoon not being active when it gets cold, as I hunted them for years,with hounds, and even when it is - 10 out, they are active right after dark. I never had a problem with them getting my chickens though. It may have been the presence of my good dog or maybe they just prefer corn. I hope to not find out the hard way. I am getting chickens again and my old dog died so I will only have a pup. There have always been a few around my place so I guess time will tell. I am in western SD. I have always provided roost near the top of the hen house 6-7Ft. from the floor.The only time I ever shut the door was when it was really cold. I often had nest box,s and hens setting all over on the floor with no coon problems.
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    It was 22 degrees last night.[​IMG]

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    If there is a hole in the eave of your coop, then occupants inside are at risk. I have pictures of a raccoon scaling the wall of my coop trying to get in where the roof meets the wall. My roof is nailed down very well so they won't get in but they sure try.

    If it is cold and miserable then they probably will hole up somewhere until the weather breaks. But once it breaks they will be out and about.

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