10 Years
Nov 14, 2009
OMG my mom found a baby racoon on the side of the road!!!! I know its illegal to keep them.....but......who could resist. besides we'll probably turn him into the DNR once hes had a good nights sleep. I fed him some apples and carrots along with some cat food and i put a large water dish so he could wash his food. Does anyone have any tips on keeping a racoon? He is about the size of a Grey Squirrel maybe a little smaller. about a foot long from noes to tail when he stretches out.
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I have some advice...don't let it loose in your house!!

Quite a few people in my neck of the woods keep coons as pets if they find them young enough. While they can be great pets, they get into everything. The teeth and claws are very sharp, so be careful and try not to handle him too much.

Just keep it fed and warm until you get ahold of the DNR. Try not to spend too much time with him, you don't want him to get used to being with people.
we brought him to a wildlife rehabilitater, she said it was a good thing we found him! I am so happy that he will be alright! Thanks for the advice anyway ♥

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