Radio by the coop solving problem for now


10 Years
Nov 8, 2009
Port Charlotte, Florida
We have been having a problem with bobcats killing our chickens that are allowed to run free in our yard. Decided to put a radio out there in hopes to deter them from coming around so far so good but we are still building an enclosed run.
Build that run quickly! Bobcats are pretty darn smart. Once they figure out the sound of the radio doesn't come with the smell of people or any consqences, the jig will be up. Got any live traps you could put in your yard??
hubbby is building run now
Our biggest problem is with coons. Our neighbor had a beautiful patch of sweet corn. The coons began to destroy it just when the corn became ripe enough to eat. The neighbor had heard that a radio would deter the coons, so he put one out and played it LOUD. The next morning, the coons had changed the station from all night talk shows to country western. They are clever and very dextrous with their paws.
They were probably trying to eat the radio if it smelled like people what ever was on the peoples hands transferred to the radio and smelled like food to them

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