Rain... Feed getting wet... HELP:(


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Jul 10, 2013
Aurora Oregon
Hey guys!
I'm in Oregon and it just started really raining. I'm new to chickens and my feeder is keeping the feed inside dry because I have a big piece of slate rock sitting on top of it, but the feed on the bottom of the feeder is getting wet which in turn is clogging it up.... Suggestions please!
Your best solution would be to put the feeder in a dry area. Not being condescending here. Maybe your best bet would be inside your coop. Or under any structure where they free range. Or put a roof on top of the run that it sits under.

Another option is a treadle feeder. Another still is a wild quail feeder.

Wish ya the best.

Ps. Who knew? It rains a lot in Oregon!
And half the state is a desert.

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