Rain/snow getting in...Any suggestions?

Chick named Lola

9 Years
Aug 15, 2010
When it rains/snows hard, it comes in the top vents as it is only covered with mesh. I keep scooping out the wet litter but this is going to present a big problem in the winter...any suggestions?

Here is a pic of the coop. The long vents on top and small window on the side are the problem...

If you are having to deal with snow then you are also having to deal with cold. I would be apt to cover up the vents along the top for the winter. The windows on the ends you could change to louvered vents or add a small roof over the top of the window to help keep snow and rain out.
I'd say extend the eaves or fasten a baffle from them to hang down in front of the vents--this would keep out the precip but not interfere with the ventilation.
Maybe extend the roof line out with something (tin?) for the winter. I would probably just cover up the little window on the end as the vents would give enough ventilation. If you used clear plastic sheeting you would still get light throught it.
Thanks guys! Great idea's! I don't want to sound stupid but what is a baffle? Also, how do I attach anything to the roof without compromising the integrity of the roof?
My coop is so small, only 5 chickens. I need all the ventilation I can get. I do like the idea of something with a chain so the air will still flow...Maybe a heavy plexiglass so the light will still get in as well...
No offense meant, but that is a difficult design you are working with there. Picturesque, but what works for horse- and tobacco-barns does NOT scale down well to miniature chicken coops (except in always-warm always-dry climates).

If it were me I think I would do the following:

1) If at ALL possible, change the roost (I assume it is lengthwise?) to be two parallel roosts as far towards one end of the coop as possible. I say two because I'm guessing your coop is maybe 2 1/2 feet wide(?) which is not enough roost length for five chickens unless they are *very* friendly. Then

2) Make hinged plexiglass vent covers for both sides' vents at that end of the coop, so that in cold weather I can close that half of the coop off entirely (maybe leaving the gable-end vent open, depending on wind and temperature). Also

3) Make separate hinged plexiglass vent covers for both sides' vents on the OTHER half of the coop, so you can operate them independantly of the roost half of the coop. As wind and weather require, close one side or the other partly or entirely, whatever it takes to keep rain out. Having those hinged vent covers maybe 1/3 open won't interfere too much with your airflow while preventing most rain/snow from blowing in. You will need some kind of chocks or external frame or whatever, to brace them firmly in that part-open position so they don't blow open or shut, but this is not difficult to achieve.

Alternatively, IF you are in an area that doesn't get awful cold in the winter (like, maybe it gets down into the mid to upper teens occasionally, but mostly not) you could just build extensions of the upper little roof so that the extensions essentially cover the two main roofs... a great big roof overhang over the vents, you know? You still might well need the capacity to close off the upwind long vents on windy nights and it would be a bit drafty/cool on the roost but at least precipitation would mostly stay out.

Good luck, have fun,

There are two easy t6hings you could do- shield the vents about an inch out with wood painted to match your coop, so the air still escapes but the rain is blocked;

Look at your hardware store for metal vents, they come in all shapes, and some with a lever arrangement on the inside that lets you close them fully or partly when wind is expected.
Oh that's a good idea, will that still give them enough ventilation? That is my main source of ventilation and I want to be sure they have enough.... Thank you so much for the ideas, you guys are awesome!

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