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    I have a four month old bantam cross pullet who is sick. She was in an outside pen with other chicks her age, and one night a big storm came through. She, for some reason, stayed outside and slept in the rain that night instead of roosting inside like she normally does. That was two weeks ago. She's been sick since then, and I was hoping she could just pull through on her own. I don't think she is with how long she has been sick. She's been in a pen by herself since she got sick.

    She is eating and drinking fine. She also can walk just fine. The only thing wrong with her is that she is weak and acts droopy, so she can't move very fast. I also think she might have a fever since she feels warm to me. No sneezing or anything, Wings are droopy, and her feathers are all puffed up. She often sleeps most of the day with her head lowered. Doesn't seem to be losing weight.

    What can I give her to help her pull through? Something to mix in with her water would be best.

    Please help. Thanks!
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    Add "sav-a-chick" to the water as directed for electrolyte replacement. Offer her high protein treats like smashed boiled eggs, shredded cheese, and meats to aid healing and recovery.
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    I use antibiotics from tractor supply called Duramycin-10. When my hens got lethargic (which sounds to me what your describing) I put one teaspoon to 1 gallon of water. I bought some reds at a flea mrkt and one was sick, drooping eyes closed and this cleard it up within about a week. I hope your hen feels better. Mine have fowlpox right now ( no cure just have to wait it out I hear) however I have them on it now because a couple are lathargic and have watery eyes & noses :( so I feel for you!

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