Raised Floor in Outdoor Run?


9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
Has Anyone put in a raised floor in their outdoor run (attached to coop)? I am thinking of a solid wood floor with horse stall mats and shavings on top. It would be easy to clean and offer better protection from predators. The run is probably 10 x12 so it is a nice size.
Might be a big invitation to rats and mice. They love to nest under the floor and with all the feed and water nearby, it can be a problem, unless you raise it a couple of feet. Then you will have a hen who wants to lay or go broody under it, so it has to be far enough above the ground to get under, or tight enough to the ground so rats and mice don't make it home.
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Rats will live under the floor. Maybe not a good idea? We have sand runs and we clean them a few times a month but only rake them. No stink and the rats do not mess with the sand.


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