Raising a mixed flock has made for some interesting relationships!

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    May 6, 2012
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    I raised a bunch of baby chicks, guineas and peacocks together in a brooder. It has led to some interesting friendships and behaviors in my birds.

    I now have 3 Americauna hens who fly up to the very tippy top rafters in the barn to sleep with the guineas. Before they figured out how to reach the rafters (as they aren't great flyers like the guineas) they used to sit on the ground squacking and craning their necks to see the guineas. They have a rather complicated process to get up to the rafters but they are there every night about 20 feet off the ground.

    I have a guinea that is absolute best friends with a golden laced wynadotte roo. I never see one without seeing the other and the guinea sleeps on the roost with the chickens. The Roo seems to jealously gaurd this guinea from everyone else. Chasing other birds off the choicest food samples. It's rather entertaining. I'm very interested in seeing if this guinea turns out ot be a female or a male. I haven't been able to figure out their voices yet as all 10 of them like to be as loud as possible all at once.

    The peacocks have decided they aren't terribly fond of anyone else. They chase the guineas and chicks around the rafters at night and seem to stay to themselves during the day. They even boss around my much older laying hens.

    The ducks are unchanged. They don't care about anyone but themselves. lol

    I still have some guineas who sleep on the floor which I find really odd. Just 3 of them. They sleep in a guinea puddle in a corner. I've moved them to the roost a few times but they like the floor. I guess their insticts have failed them! lol

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