Raising an abandoned wild duckling for release


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
Hi everyone! A neighbor found a baby duck (possibly a mallard) alone in their backyard a few days ago, and because I have two ducks of my own, I offered to take care of him until he was old enough to fly and live in the lake. It's only been a few days and now he thinks I'm his mom! He is about 3 weeks old but he follows me around, peeps when I'm gone, etc.

When he gets older will he be willing to leave? He seems healthy and happy and I'm wondering why he would even be possibly abandoned. The neighbors didn't find anymore ducks or a mommy duck in the area since. Thanks for any advice!
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aw..they're so sweet. possibly mommy duck got taken by a predator and now he was all alone. Rest assured even when you raise them..spend time with them love then etc..when they're little they always seem to peep for you and run over..but when he feathers and you put him in the lake..he'll get more distant ..mine do..but they come over and get food if i go into the yard or on the dock..they know i have food..but if i am gone ore what ever they eat on their own and live out there quite happily..i'm sure he'll be fine when you're ready to let him go
That's good to know! While as precious as he is I want him to be able to fend for himself when he is older. Thanks for the advice.

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