Raising Asian heritage hogs for meat

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Apr 19, 2017
I raise asian heritage hogs for meat and some for pets but do not push that. The present group pushing these pigs want them for pets and are trying to block butchering of them. Is there an organization supporting the asian heritage hog as a dual purpose bred. Please contact me for further discussion.
I presently raise asian heritage hogs. I have raised them since 2018. Boy what an experience. Taste is fantastic and yes there can be a lot of lard, not fat. Humans are fat. But some other traits that need to be discussed. They usually will stay in confinement quite easily unless the ground is saturated like it is this year. Then it under the fence and into all places not wanting then. They will root ask my neighbor who is getting a new yard next spring at my expense. Once starting to root they do excellent jobs at working up the garden in the fall. Feeding them follows the line of 2 Cups of feed one in the morning and on in the evening. When I was a child my father raise two hogs a year for our table he could fatten them up by feeding them hog feed for month 3 then switching them to 3 ears of our open pollinated field corn till butchered. He supplemented that with a 5 gallon pails of weeds from the garden and table scrapes per pig an in 5 to 7 monthes they where 250 to 300 lbs and ready to butcher. The asian heritage hog is slower at growing so it takes 9 months to get them to butcher size of 90 to 125 lbs. Giving a hanging weight of around 75 to 90 pounds of tasty meat easy to consume having bacon hams and cuts maybe a little smaller. Somewhere around Dec 19th. we will butcher 2 shoats for hams, bacon, and cuts and 3 sows for sausage and bacon. (these are the three that out of my 23 asians insisted on getting out. The neat thing about ahh is that I have little pigs that look like large blacks, hamps, berks, durocs, whites , and blue buttons. One of the nice things about the asians is that the boars do not acquire the giant testicles as do our American hogs and there for there is not the strong taste of urine in the meat. Similar to the situation of hunting a prize buck deer. Presently I breed my stock to a Julianne boar, a potbellied boar, and a potbellied American quinea hog cross. I have 12 guilts and sow and hope to get up to 15 sows by 2022. I am very interested in finding those who would like to start an organization to promote the true asia heritage hog as a dual purpose animal. Or maybe a triple purpose animal because the lye soap is very rewarding. I can be reached at [email protected]


Mar 19, 2009
I have a comment or question and I really don't know the answer. For years I have heard about the terrible taste and smell of boar meat. I can tell you we didn't get around to castrating our last two hogs (long story) and we didn't get them butchered when we should have either. These two boars weighed well in excess of 300# apiece when they were processed and they were delicious. The was no smell or off taste to the meat whatever. These boars were never used for breeding and there were no sows on the place. Do you think that could be the reason that there was no problem with the meat? Does anyone know?

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