raising baby chick in hot humid weather

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May 22, 2012
I am planning on ordering my chicks for arrival in July. It is already in the mid 90s here in Central Arkansas (May 24, 2012) and by July it will more than likely be in average between 95-100.

So my question is...will I still need a heat lamp in my brooder? Also, is there some precautions one needs to take when the weather is this hot and humid? would it be best to put the brooder in the garage where they are safe from predators...yet it will still be warm in there as well. Or a caged brooder under a shade tree where it can get some breeze?

Also, if I do need a heat lamp how long would I need to keep it when the temps are so hot? I read where it says 95 degrees the 1st week of life and drop the temp by 5 degrees for each week after...so in theroy after 4 weeks I would need the chicks to be 75 degrees which just is not going to happen here until late October for day time highs...

Help on this matter would be appreciated!
Chances are you will only need supplemental heat at night. During the day it will likely be plenty hot enough.

Naturally they need to be protected from predator and have plenty of fresh, clean water and feed at all times. Just as importantly they will need airflow. The more hot and humid the weather becomes the more important airflow becomes so setting them out in the breeze in the hottest part of the day is not a bad idea so long as they are protected from predators, getting wet, and not in the direct sun.

At night they may need a little additional heat, but probably not very much.

The chicks will tell you if they are comfortable or not. This is what you should look for:

So maybe, I need to make me a "Box" for them. Think of it as a frame made of 2x2s and use hardware cloth on all sides and top???

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