Raising Chicks and Ducklings in the same brooder?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Dogginfox, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Dogginfox

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    I have 6, 6 day old chicks and 1, 1 day old duckling. I just put the duckling in the brooder with the chicks since he can't stand up in the hatcher to stretch his legs. It seems as though the chicks are trying to peck his feet off.

    Does anyone have any experience raising both together?

    Any tips?
  2. silkiechicken

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    I haven't, but I hear ducks make everything a big sloppy stinky mess because they have to dip their heads under water to keep their nostrils clean... and thus get everything wet, which is bad for the chickens.
  3. Hi! I do and it wasn't a pleasant experience.
    They turn a brooder into a 'swamp' in minutes.
    Plus, mine are Pekins, and outgrow the chicks in just a few days.
    You might get away with just one without too much mess.
    Good luck,
  4. Dogginfox

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    My little Duckling is a Silver appleyard x Pekin Cross. Im not to worried about mess as i can clean the brooder in about 5 min. Im more concerned with the chicks pecking at the Ducklings feet.
  5. banter

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    Mar 3, 2008
    Raymond Maine
    I've raised chicks, ducks and geese together many times. Be sure they are well fed and have ample room. Please research this on your own, but I have had very good luck raising chicks, geese and ducks on small amounts of green food. Finely chopped, well washed shredded spinach, dandelion greens, chives and other leafy greens are relished and it cuts down on cannibalism and pecking. Also flaked soaked oats (oatmeal) and shredded carrots-small amounts! I have never lost a chick, duck goose yet after hatching and feeding these supplements. But! do your research and look for natural rearing sites on the internet. Another trick is to give a clean white rolled up COTTON sock as a toy to peck at. Be advised you must remove it if it gets soiled or shredded, the chicks could get caught in a loose thread if you aren't keeping close watch them.
    Hope that helped
    Chris F-Maine
  6. 'Im more concerned with the chicks pecking at the Ducklings feet.'
    I'm sorry, I don't think my chicks ever pick the d'lings feet and I mix them as day-old hatchlings every week (just can't leave them together because of the mess).

    The chicks can be brutal. Hopefully when the new wears off they'll leave the d'lings feet alone.
    Good luck,
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    Dec 14, 2007
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    I hve 3 ducklings (2 mallards and a runner) in with 10 chicks. I agree the ducks can be messy.try this, it relly helps. put a tray with a small edge around it. I used my son's lincoln log lid. make sure it's bigger then the waterer but not too big. just big enough for them to stand on while they are drinking. put down a few layers of paper towels, folded to fit the tray. then put the waterer on something to raise it up a bit. i have mason jar waterer and put the bottom part of a round chick feeder under it. then keep the food just outside the tray. if you have a big enough space you could put the food and water on the tray. then just change the paper towels. trust me, this takes care of most of the mess. i have had my babies for 5 days now and have only had to clean it once. other then just stirring up the litter. good luck, Krista

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