Raising chicks in tropical climate


Feb 2, 2015
Can i raise chicks(and also ducklings) without heat lamps? They can cause fire with cheap materials

The temparature here is hellish(up to 40C or 104F in midday, down to 30C or 86F in night)
As long as it doesn't get below 30 at night they should be OK. If it does get colder, they'd need some heat source for the first week. I use ceramic heat emitters. You could probably get by with a 75 watt one which shouldn't be a fire risk.
They come in 110 volt and 220 volt AC.

I think you'll have a harder time keeping them cool enough. Chicks can't regulate their body temperature as well as adults and 40 could kill them.
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The thing is, it can still get that hot.
We're not in the tropics but it can range from -19F to 110F and almost always high humidity. Tough chicken climate.

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