Raising Chicks- The Natural Way

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    This is a story of a hen named Daisy.

    This is Daisy. She is a Cubalaya hen and is about 1 year old. One cold winter day she went to lay an egg and we found her in the same nesting box hours later. Right then my family and I got the idea that our chicken was becoming broody! We let her sit on the four eggs in the nesting box- Three were hers and one was another hen's. The sad fact was, that they were not going to hatch. It was much too cold!

    But good ol' Daisy proved us wrong! On a warmer day we found three wet chicks hiding under her wings. It was a miracle! The thing was, was that we were going to take a cruise the next week! We were very worried that the chicks would not survive if we left them. (We have an elevated coop, if the chicks were to fall of the ladder they could hurt themselves.) So we named them, (Camille, Seabiscuit, and Jenga Jr.) put them in a cardboard box full of pine shavings, and moved them into one of our bathrooms. The chicks were all hers, the egg from the other hen did not hatch. In fact, they're pure bred Cubalayas.
    Here is their proud PaPa


    We brought in chick food and water. The bathroom was their home for a while.



    Luckily, Grandma was kind enough to look after the chicks and chickens while we were gone.

    When we got back, the three chicks were happy and healthy and ready to move outside with Daisy so she could teach them all the great things about being a chicken. It was all fine, they were about 2 weeks old now, and we could see that Camille and Seabiscuit were hens and Jenga a rooster.

    Sadly, a cat got Camille, then Seabiscuit. [​IMG]Daisy was just left with Jenga.

    Jenga is about 6 weeks now and is a very healthy boy. Daisy's journey as a mother was full of drama, but she did very well.

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    Great story!
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    BEAUTIFUL!!!! How wonderful! [​IMG]

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