Raising Chicks without heat in the summer


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Aug 19, 2015
I raised about 40 to 50 chicks last year in a large brooder in my garage, starting the first group in about March. When they were old enough I moved them to a separate outdoor small coop with a hoop run, then let them free range with all of my other adults (I had sold all but 10). My problem came when I tried training them to use the big coop. I took away the small coop option and them locked them up with my girls for a month. When I let them all out again, the younger ones (which were bigger than my originals) refused to go back in and started roosting on my porch (or pickup). I tried for months to get them all integrated but never had any success.

My question is has anyone raised them in the coop, in a separate area without heat when temps are 100+ degrees out. I was thinking is I raised them with the adults from the start I might have better luck getting them together. My coop doesn't really have a good electric option, so using my heating pad mama would be difficult.
My question is has anyone raised them in the coop
I do, from about 1 week after hatch, but with MHP....and they are integrated by ~6 weeks....but will remain a 'subflock' until the pullets start laying.
Integration can take lots of space and extra roosts.

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