Raising humidity in Little Giant Incubator


11 Years
May 15, 2011
Birmingham, Alabama
Today is lock down day for our eggs. I have tried to raise humidity using the water channels with no luck. So, I put folded wet washcloths inside the incubator in each corner. This did the trick, raising the humidity to 64%. My question is- are the washcloths dangerous for the hatching chicks? As they zip and roll around in the incubator, is it ok for them to bump into the wet washcloths? I am afraid that they may end up face down on one and suffocate.???? This being said, especially as I am sure that they won't all hatch at the exact same time.. Any thoughts would be wonderful.. Thanks!!
well it isnt good for them to be wet after they've dryed off, they will be fin if they lay down on the wash cloth beccause they wont be able to cover their nostrils simitanously. if you really consernced put a little container filled with marbles in the center of the incubator and make sure it is warm water or the temp will plumet.

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