Raising Meaties and Standard Breeds?


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Jan 7, 2010
I'm going to get a small group of meaties (15) the first part of March and would like to add a few (3-4) hens to my aging layer flock.

Can I start the meaties and standards together for a few weeks?
The bigger the meatie get the rougher they are with the other... They will stomp all over them to get to the food! Had to seperate the ones I kept back (meat) cause they where stomping all over the others.

As long as they have enough space the standards make out just fine and they make up for lack of size with ninja like agility which messes with the meaties little brains.
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hi there, I am from new zealand and was wondering what is a good meat bird to raise over here
Hi Tony! Welcome to BYC!

In my limited experience I found that the meat chicks clean up the feed off the floor that the regular chicks waste.
I would not suggest keeping them together when the meat chicks start the rocket growth and double the size of the regular chicks.
Someone is gonna get picked on.

I got a meatie to be a "friend" to a lone hatched chick (it was the only chick I could get!) and the one that got picked on was the meatie! I later put them both with some chicks that were two weeks older, and even at 2,3, even 4 times the size of the others, it was the one picked on! So I guess you can't ever tell. But it was a lot more active and grew slower than they normally do.

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