Raising Peafowl for the first time - transitioning to outside pen.


Aug 16, 2020

We have two white Peahens and one white Peacock. The Peahens started laying last year however didn't sit on their eggs once they'd laid the whole clutch. This again happened this year so I took it upon myself to incubate some of the eggs. After 27 days (early) we had two beautiful peachicks. The chicks are now 5 weeks old and currently are in a brooder which is in our family home. They are doing really well and are such characters.
They have imprinted on both myself and my partner and follow us everywhere when out of the brooder.
I have read that after 8 weeks they are able to go into an outdoor pen which fills me with dread knowing how attached these beautiful chicks are to us.
Can I ask how do you safely transition peachicks to an outdoor pen?
Are you able to place a peahen in with them? or is this a bad idea? I worry they will become stressed when left on their own, but I don't want them to be constantly inside as they are outdoor birds and need room to roam, explore and have fun.
Is a chicken coop ok for housing until they become fully grown?

Has anyone had any experience with transitioning peachicks from indoors to outdoors?

Any feedback would be much appreciated as I want to make this as stress free as possible for them both.

A big thank you in advance!!


Jun 30, 2020
Tucson, AZ
Hey, they may cry being outside for a little bit and pace back and forth. Just like when you have a puppy and trying to crate train them. My one peachick is imprinted on me and did this.
I don’t have any other peafowl other than my two chicks so they went out in then out door pen on their own. I just will still get up every morning and sit with them.
This is my grow out pen. I plan to let them be free range birds and this is where they will be just for the night time as well.
A hen house should be ok for the mean time as long as you can keep the bottom clean. 🤗


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Aug 22, 2020
I would be careful because since the peahen didn’t raise them she may not recognize them as her own and may pick on them if they are too small.


Mar 4, 2019
Just to add I live in the UK and it is currently our summer.
I just hatch 2 peachick in may and I moved them to an outside pen about 6 weeks ago during the day! they are very attached to me as well. I raised them with two lavender turkeys the same age! The turkeys are free range now but I have not let the peachicks out of the outside pen yet because they are so much smaller! I am not sure when i should let them out to free range but that is my goal! The Tom turkey is protective of them. Anyway they do great outside in a pen. I have a new 3 week old peachick too! will move it out in about a month! Love all my babies!! I have their parents and tried to put them in a pen with them but the momma is not having it . I will keep trying!

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