Ramble/Rant about the weather and everything else....


Redneck Tech Girl
9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Warning! I'm whiny!!!

I'm tired of snow, and tired of cold. It's in the 20s today, sun was out, but still, a good bit of snow out.

I want to work on the fencing - expand the garden, add an orchard, and prep for pigs. I can't sink posts until the ground thaws. When will that be? Never!!!

I want garden and get my hands in the dirt. When? Never!

I want to work on the coop and rearrange things to get the meaties in there, and potentially get prepped for more meaties or turkeys. That one I could technically work on with the snow out, but my own body is preventing it - I'm up to 30 degrees range of motion and full weight bearing on the knee (tendon transfer/grafting on Valentines day), but no carrying things, no bending, no "real" work. I have a hard time getting to the coop anyway (DH has been caring for the clan while I'm laid up), because of ice and snow. I can't step over much of anything, and I can't trust my walking skills yet.

No walking around the property to survey and estimate - the snow is deeper than I can step over. The best I can do is draw lines on the aerial pictures of the property

I want it to warm up and I want my knee to work!! Gah!!
You have SPRING FEVER!!!!!! It can be serious this time of year...particularly in your neck of the woods. All I can offer are
You got that right! Gah!!!! I can't wait to tear the plastic off the windows and open this place UP! See the green grass....be able to go outside without a coat....
Well all I can say it won't be too much longer now. but till then hang some torch lanterns in the house and crank up the heater and pour yourself a glass of lemonade and put on some hawian music. Then kick back and pretend your on vacation.
Outside without a coat? Oh my goodness - how tantalizing! I understand about the physical problems. A year ago I was laid-up for the entire spring and into summer following a foot surgery gone bad. Once I could get my hands in the dirt and get out there with my chickies - I started to heal! This year has been so extra cold, snowy and just plain miserable it has been almost unbearable to me too. I love NW Ohio, but geez, this winter has really tested my patience!
I used to like the rain. It is nice to cocoon inside with the dogs and cat under and on top of the lap blanket with me. But right now it is seriously interfering with coop construction and yard work. Chickens don't mind - they forage in the rain and don't know they're gonna love the new coop!

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