Ran out of chicken starter, help!


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7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
My car had to go to the shop a few days ago for unexpected repairs and it has taken longer than expected to get it back. I ran out of chicken food last night. My 2 chickens run around the back yard and eat grass but they were starving this morn so I gave them cracked corn, wild bird seed and cheerios. They have never had any of this stuff before. All of this was put in a bowl that has decomposed granite in it (for grit). Will they be ok? Im not sure when I will be able to get more chicken food, (later tonight or in the morn) waiting for my bf to get back from out of town. Can I give them more of this until then? By the way, they wouldnt touch the cheerios...
How old are they? What you are giving them is fine for a couple of days for chickens that are not too young. If you want to add a bit more protein you could give them a handful of cat or dog food or scrabble up an egg for them to try.

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