Random(but chicken related), not suitable for ANY catagory, killed 1 of my chickens, sad


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
Had a 3 yo GoldenLacedWyandotte hen, "ReineReine", and she became lethargic, inappetant(to my knowledge anyhow) 3 days ago. Put her in quarantine(rabbit hutch w/straw!) 3 days ago and she drank first day-none last 2?, had NO clue, her comb was pale this a.m. so was going to euthanize her and she died in my arms from the stress(?). Curious about what CAUSED but I understand diagnosis would require more that I can tell, so......venting.....She seemed kind of heavy(given her breastbone starting to stand out) so wonder about heart??? once again-no one can diagnose from afar.... just very very saddened at dying in my grasp while going to slaughter. She finished molt appx.. 4 wks ago. Gorgeous to the end.

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